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How much money goes to the Red Cross?

The t-shirts we use cost $12 to buy and have printed. On top of that, we need to pay Goods and Services Tax to the New Zealand Government, and then also a transaction fee to PayPal.

After deducting these costs, everything that is left goes to the NZ Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal. On a $20 t-shirt this means about $4.50 goes to the Red Cross.

The other thing to say, is that we started this fund-raiser with relatively modest expectations. As interest and support has sky-rocketed, we're working hard to use the volume of donations to reduce costs, particularly in respect to getting better bulk pricing on t-shirts.

We're actually a design company called DNA Design, based in Wellington and Auckland. So we've got heaps of our people working hard (in and out of office hours) to make this fundraiser happen. This time is donated freely by our hardy bunch of CHCH huggers.

So show your love for Christchurch, make a donation, and wear a t-shirt with pride!

The team at DNA

p.s. If you've got any questions, you're welcome to drop us an email or pop round to our offices in Wellington or Auckland for a coffee and a chat.

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